Your present or future customers are not interested in your product, they are just interested in solving a problem or challenge. These challenges are usually both organizational and personal. By leveraging inbound marketing tactics I can share content with the intention of inspiring the audiences. Instead of pushing out product information, my contents are intended to stand out based on elements such as authenticity, thought leadership, experience in solving those problems, etc.

This question gets at the heart of the way content should be used. My Content addresses the motivations and needs of the customers at various points of their processes, so that it strengthens the positive feelings of the customers about the brand, heightens their likelihood to convert and increases the customer life-time value.
Firstly, I make sure you’re inserting your brand into a conversation that’s relevant to both your offering and your audience. Secondly, once I have identified your broad opportunity, I do my homework – find the optimal intersection between the conversation volume and conversation saturation.
To connect the content to revenue, my marketing and sales teams are tightly aligned to the same business objectives, company messaging, and agreed-upon processes.