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Digital SUbho_ Subhabrata MondalHey there! Here is Subho from Kolkata, India. Welcome to my website! I am so glad that you are checking out my “About page” right now. Lets’ introduce myself first. I am a passionate digital marketer. (And I am a movie buff too!). I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2012. When I joined college in 2010, it was clear to me that, a regular graduation degree won’t make me very happy and established. My dad is working in a public sector organization. So I thought, I might join this business if I couldn’t get a job rather. So I started to prepare for the exams as well. I was also a little bit interested in the area of writing because I used to visit my granddad’s place. I really love certain subjects which may help me later in my marketing career.

Digital Subho 2 _ Subhabrata Mondal 2 Eventually in the year of 2012, luck-by-chance I met a person at a small coffee shop in Kolkata, who was a IIM graduate. He was eager to provide a startup help to the entrepreneurs to get them funding. It was a coincidence that, I had a seat very close to him and overheard the conversation. I went to him without any hesitation and asked for help firmly. Those 2 hours of discussion gave me a universal-like knowledge regarding digital Marketing and then I felt like there was no way back.

Prior to launching Digital Subho, I dedicated several years with companies in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.I worked with multiple Startups, E-commerce, Digital Marketing Agency, Real Estate Companies, Hotel and Hospitality industries, Retail Chains and Ed-tech companies.

If you would like to have a conversation with me Send an email : infodigitalsubho[@]

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My Mission is now ranked as one of the topmost digital marketing websites in India and my constant endeavour is to make it a well-known brand. It was started as a personal website where I used to write notes on digital marketing for my future references as well. I am trying to publish few books on digital and content marketing as well as the workshops I have conducted. If you are new to my website and don’t know where to start from, please do visit my top article-page.

My mission is to make this website a well known one and to spread it among the digital lovers. So, my upcoming planning is to launch a free digital marketing course to help people in learning digital marketing. So stay tuned and subscribe to my website to learn the latest stuff in digital marketing.

My Vision

Everyone can not plan their future and lead their lives through the way they wish to. We plan something for ourselves but life has something else for us. Life surprises us in many way for sure. For example, I have got into the field of digital marketing by

accident. It was not planned rather. However, I am happy where I have reached till date. There are certain forces which channeled my energy and brought me here.

A random guy has introduced me on facebook in the year of 2009. Since then I was a regular user of it and I used to read related things over there. People told me that I may have access to the audience all over the world using the platform of Facebook. At that age my marketing brain told me if I may use this platform to help other people, it will be great. So, I started looking for the certain opportunities around it.

Our Courses

Do you want to become a digital marketing expert? Then I will provide you the opportunity to achieve the summit with proper digital marketing course or training program. You will achieve the learning structure, mentorship and the opportunity to network with harmonious people from here. You are welcome in DigitalSubho if you want to attend a perfect training program on digital marketing. You will get the necessary training programs. You will be provided the training programs to achieve the perfection in sales and marketing, digital marketing and else.   [WPSM_SERVICEBOX id=120]

Social Media Marketing

The Course: We train you with the conclusive components. All of them will support you in becoming a competent SMO (Social Media Optimization) consultant in your way. The SMO training module that we follow usually focuses on Advanced Knowledge and Earning Potential. The X-factor of our SMO course- DigitalSubho is not just a mere institution. […]

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization campaign is quite rigorous one. Such as, the eminent Search Engine Google ranks web pages by two hundred factors. Therefore, the tools and method of search engine optimization must be updated regularly, keeping in mind the changes that the search engines introduce with time changing. There are millions of […]

Content Writing

Our Content Writing Course You can learn positive characteristics and working techniques from here that will help you to become a confident and successful Content Writing consultant in future. Our Content Writing training course ensures two major areas like Advanced Knowledge and Earning Scope respectively. It makes our Content Writing courses unique ever than others. […]


Definition of Entrepreneurship: Basically the Entrepreneurship is that driving force in a nation’s economy, who takes on financial risks in the hope of profit. An entrepreneur is an individual who undertakes the creation, organization, ownership, and risk of a business or trading. As well as examples of local and national entrepreneurs, it may also address […]

My Experience

Hello, I’m Subho, based in Kolkata, India. I help businesses & brands convert using Digital marketing that focuses on ROI. I have achieved a number on return On Ad Spend of more than 5250%. Since 2013, I’ve marketed a metric shit-ton of products & services. Here are I’m extremely good at few more things with my 6+ yrs of experience in this industry. Here are some of them:

Generating Leads

I can help you in generating tons of leads-

It is the process to convert a lead into an account, contact and opportunities as well. These leads are generated from several marketing events.

Benchmark With Competitors

Can audit your digital properties & benchmark with competitors or industry leaders-

Competitive benchmarking is the process that uses a set collection of metrics and helps in comparing your company among the competitors available in the market.

Marketing Strategy

I will help you in criticizing your current marketing strategy & sales funnel-

The sales funnel is a marketing system that is the ideal process you intend your consumers to experience. You may pull a large audience into your products or services.

Preeminent Positioning

I can help you in establishing pre-eminent positioning & marketing strategy around it-

An effective positioning strategy considers the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. It allows a company to stand in focus and beat their competitors


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