Every child deserves a good, fair chance

The social cause towards which I aggressively work is to improve the living standards of orphaned kids through donations and education. Besides Digital Subho, I also give a maximum of my time to my motive for “Plan to Change”.

The “Plan to Change” approach is an encouragement, motive, and goal, to improve as many lives of kids as possible. I join hands with NGOs for achieving this purpose in my life. I believe that like-minded people working towards a cause can make change happen.

Have any idea? With COVID-19, the lives of many such orphaned kids got impacted tremendously. Not just I donate towards this cause but also encourage many to donate towards it. I believe your donation, no matter how little, will become a part of collective resources and will direct towards the empowerment and rights of orphaned kids. So, “Plan to Change” needs all of you. A little contribution can bring a major change in the lives of many orphaned kids.

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