I Am an Individual SEO Expert Not an SEO Agency

While the SEO consultants and marketing agencies prioritize to lessen or put at level the playing ground between you and your competitor, I intend to do more. Many businesses or brands often witness post signing a deal with the agency that the work done by them are average and owing to the long-term contract despite receiving an unsatisfactory result must stick with the agency.

With Digital Subho, this is not the case, I consider your business as my own and work day and night on it to reach more than your anticipated target. While marketing companies or agencies offer off the shelf or middle of the road solution, I approach every brand I work with differently and work hard to improve its numbers.

Work With Me Because I Care About You

I am a one-man army who work on providing the best service possible in the form of competitor analysis, content marketing, SEO, CRO strategies, outreach. I personally prepare plans and strategies for each business I work with. Believe me, I know the fact that your brand or business is unique and so is my SEO strategy.

What SEO service I provide?

To enhance your ROI and drive the anticipated results, I perform effective SEO. I combine SEO with strong content marketing, outreach, and conversion optimization. Each of the components often are interconnected. The SEO services, I offer are -

Keyword research
Technical SEO
Local SEO
Off page SEO
On page SEO
Link Building

Why should you rely upon me?

You must trust me because unlike others, I do not believe that marketing is an avenue for secrets. Do you want to know what measures can drive enhanced growth? Ask me. I am totally transparent regarding the growth strategies and processes.

Are you eager to view the analytics? Well, I can walk you through every data and details and explain bit by bit. At Digital Subho, I will never suggest a strategy or short-term tactic that I have never tried. I apply only those strategies that I believe will deliver success for your business.

What Are the Top Benefits of Working with Me?

  • Upfront processing with transparency in work and pricing.
  • Direct strategy consultation over the call or face-to-face meeting.
  • Complete client involvement in my work and strategy designing. I carefully make you understand all the plans and strategies that I decide to implement. No matter whether the planning is short-term or long-term, I ensure to include you for complete transparency so that we both are on the same page
  • Initially first few consultation calls are free. These free calls will help you decide if I am a fit match for your business.
  • Be rest assured, if I think a specific area of expertise is lacking within me or the business is not the right match for me, I will turn down the offer upfront. Besides this, if I feel I can recommend someone for your digital work, I will do so.

What’s Included in My Marketing Strategy Kitty?

The marketing plan or strategy that I will recommend to you is tailored as per your requirements, so there’s no perspective as to what you must expect to be there. However, I can offer you the following services –

Overall marketing plan
Campaign planning
Content planning
Touchpoint planning
Entrypoint planning
Sale process planning
Marketing process planning
Audience planning
Market analysis

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