The stepwise approach I consider for executing your content requirements with perfection

  • Attitude
  • Right Approach
  • Designed Goals
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Implementation

Step 1Attitude

I call it my secret sauce. Have any idea – what’s the intersection between your expert ideas and the informational requirements of your end audience. My secret sauce here is to be relevant as per your product/service.

Step 2Right approach

In step 2, I ensure to ask questions and listen to know the actual pain points concerning your target group. Here is where social media tools may come in handy. I use Google Alerts, Twitter Search, and various other social media platforms to understand what your audiences are struggling with.

Step 3Goals

Note that I first try to find out what the audience needs and what the expertise offered to them through your product or service, before fixing any goal. Post this, I design plans and share them with you to move ahead with your goals.

Step 4Strategy

Once I know your target audience, their needs, and your goal, I will put together your and my suggested content strategy to form a long-term strategy for your business. Long-term strategies include forming daily long-form articles, and blogs, replying to important Quora questions etc.

Step 5Tactics

Once I am done with forming your long-term strategies, I work on effective tactics These may include a one-time launch of e-books, custom journals, or occasion-based blogs.

Step 6Implementation

Once done with first 5 steps, I move on with my implementation process. Implementation of the planned approach is extremely crucial to see the ultimate result. Note that implementation is meaningless without the initial first 5 steps. Think this way – an executed plan at the wrong day and wrong event is nothing but a waste of perfectly good water.

Content is the King – Ever Heard?

To enhance your return on investment and drive great digital marketing results, effective content marketing should be combined with SEO, outreach, and conversion optimization. Every component should be placed within an interconnected, wider strategy.

Here’s why when you connect with me, I ensure to approach content marketing as a powerful route to reach the audience and make them understand your business and products in totality.

Here are the content marketing services, I can provide

  • Content strategy
  • Landing pages
  • Content planning
  • PR and outreach
  • Site structure
  • Copywriting

Why trust me for your content marketing?

Transparency is what I abide by, which is the reason why I do not keep anything secretive and ensure to share each plan before implementation with you.

Do you want to know how I can combine analysis with facts to optimize your business content?

I review your competitors to understand what they are doing and how you are lacking. This is not it, I even brainstorm on unique ideas that I can work on to enhance your sales and reach the newer target audience. I do understand your need to be on the top and hence I ensure to dedicate all my time to walking you through my plans and my collected data analysis before I move ahead with any content marketing strategy implementation.

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