Unique and Result-Driven Marketing Strategies

Formed For Business Growth & Designed by Strategy Experts

I am a digital marketer, with high-end digital marketing expertise. I can form custom-designed marketing techniques and strategies, which can assist your business concentrate on marketing efforts and implement those that work and avoid those that do not.

I’m Subho, A Marketing Strategy Professional

My Digital Strategies Are Logical, Relevant, & Scalable.

Every brand or business is unique, which is the reason why I form a tailored marketing technique, strategy, or plan to drive your business ahead. As a digital marketing specialist, I offer my client a thorough, comprehensive, bespoke, and actionable marketing plan and strategy.

The marketing technique that I design is often geared towards business goals, ambitions, marketing, and budgeting needs. I provide tactics and strategies for brands/businesses of almost all sizes and types. My plan, techniques and strategies are aligned with purpose and motive. I design plans for almost all business types – B2B, service-based, local and start-up.

Pragmatic Marketing Tactics & Strategies

Tailored To Meet Your Business Goal

Businesses are of distinct natures, types and sizes with vastly distinct marketing needs and differing challenges. I can tailor your marketing strategy framework as per your business, its nature, and the motive behind conducting such marketing.

Techniques & Strategies That Would Help You Understand Why You Must Work with Me?

Designing marketing techniques and strategies basically is my bread & butter. This is what my work is. Most brands or businesses have a marketing manager, brand manager or generalist to compile the plan throughout diverse specialisms and disciplines. However, successful marketing techniques and strategies need input from the expert. Here’s where I, a digital expert consultant can assist you.

With adequate experience covering social, content marketing, paid media, PR, and competitor analysis, I can form a comprehensive, and bespoke marketing strategy.

What Are the Top Benefits of Working with Me?

  • Upfront processing with transparency in work and pricing.
  • Direct strategy consultation over the call or face-to-face meeting.
  • Complete client involvement in my work and strategy designing. I carefully make you understand all the plans and strategies that I decide to implement. No matter whether the planning is short-term or long-term, I ensure to include you for complete transparency so that we both are on the same page
  • Initially first few consultation calls are free. These free calls will help you decide if I am a fit match for your business.
  • Be rest assured, if I think a specific area of expertise is lacking within me or the business is not the right match for me, I will turn down the offer upfront. Besides this, if I feel I can recommend someone for your digital work, I will do so.

What’s Included in My Marketing Strategy Kitty?

The marketing plan or strategy that I will recommend to you is tailored as per your requirements, so there’s no perspective as to what you must expect to be there. However, I can offer you the following services –

Overall marketing plan
Campaign planning
Content planning
Touchpoint planning
Entrypoint planning
Sale process planning
Marketing process planning
Audience planning
Market analysis

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